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UNPRECEDENTED INNOVATION - Bing Maps now includes a Silverlight Control, so that the rich, multimedia benefits native to Silverlight, like embedded video, can now be integrated into Bing Maps.

Please note that the CTP control will cease to function at midnight, December 31, 2009. to ensure continued functionality, please make plans to upgrade your applications to the version 1 code before that time. For a description of the version 1 changes from the CTP build, please visit the changelist reference in the SDK here.

The Connect site will remain available until December 15th for reference purposes only. Future technical questions/discussion should be directed to the Bing Map Control Development forum on MSDN (paid, evaluation, and free account types) or to the Bing Maps Enterprise Support Team (paid accounts).

PLATFORM PERFORMANCE - Our commitment to fast and accurate performance for users across the world continues with this latest release, including our growing network of global data centers that bring both services and content closer to our customers and their end users, as well as improved search and geocoding capabilities in Germany, the U.K., and the U.S.

EASY TO USE - New lightweight "keys" make the authentication process faster and easier, and provide access to the rich features of the Bing Maps APIs.

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Bing Maps Silverlight Control - Damir Dobric Posts - iSilverlight wrote Bing Maps Silverlight Control - Damir Dobric Posts - iSilverlight
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Damir Dobric Posts wrote Implementing Custom Map in Silverlight Map Control
on 11-16-2009 23:43

Few months ago I described shortly how to about how to integrate the custom map instead of the standard is a .Net Community Blog powered by daenet GmbH.