TFS 2010 Error: Automated build time outs

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Problem description

When using automated builds in TFS 2010 it may happen that the build for some reason just do not execute. The interesting thing in this failure (see picture below) is that the build process starts properly, prepares all required assemblies for build and falls into sleep without of any error. Because I couldn't notice any error I let the build to run the whole night. After exactly 4 hours of running the build has finally failed with an error:

Run for 4 hours …” or
“TFB 210703 Agent scope ‘Run on Agent timed out waiting for an agent with name ‘*’ and tags ‘’.

Four hours is the value which can be changed in the build definition, but it will not help you solve the problem.


To solve the problem take the currently active Agent (active for failed build) offline and create the new build agent. Trigger the build and all will work fine.



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