Difficulties with Virtual PC on Windows 7

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In my daily working I use used a number of virtual images, with different configurations. After I installed Virtual PC for Windows 7 x64 I figured out that no one of my images can be used.

Problem I

When you start the image created on Release Candidate of Windows 7 following error appear:
“Could not register the virtual machine.
The virtual machine configuration could not be added. User does not have sufficient access rights.

I was like “uupss”?! Really no time for such stupid thinks.

To workaround this create the fresh new image with Virtual PC for “Windows 7 RTM” and bind existing VHD drive.
Then you can jump to the next problem.

Problem II

After I started the new image following erroro apered:

Virtual PC bla, blla "was unable to write to one of its virtual hard disks"

Now I was like “arggsh” (read and feel frustrated).
To slve the proble I figured out, that the external VHD drive has to be bound by using of share name.

For example: c:\Machines\MyDrive.vhd will fail with error shown above.
So, to make it working use share name: \\MyMachineName:\Machines\MyDrive.vhd

Now I’m asking myself ”why do we like to make things to complex?”

Just forget it and be lucky.


Posted Jan 23 2010, 06:45 PM by Damir Dobric


Philinda wrote re: Difficulties with Virtual PC on Windows 7
on 10-04-2011 4:01

Great article, thank you again for wrtiing.

ITFlash wrote re: Difficulties with Virtual PC on Windows 7
on 01-17-2012 11:44

well done fixing an an annoying issue!

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