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My Browser crashes when opening DeepZoom image


One of following red-marked attributes can cause the browser to crash. TileSize has to have expected number. If images have been generated with TileSize=256
and attribute in output.xml is set on 8 then the browser will crash.
Attribute N must be uniquely specified.

<Collection MaxLevel="8" TileSize="8" Format="jpg" NextItemId="16" ServerFormat="Default" xmlns="">

<I Id="9" N="" Source="output_images/Derventa.xml">
   <Size Width="2048" />
   <ViewPort Width="6" X="-3,5" Y="-8,5" />
. . .


Some Images are not shown

The attribute Height and Width has to be set or not specified. If specified then they have to have values.
Following height means zero.

<I Id="9" N=”1” Source="output_images/Derventa.xml">
   <Size Width="2048" Height="" />
   <ViewPort Width="6" Height="" X="-3,5" Y="-8,5" />
. . .

Some images are shown as Black-Box

The source file (i.e. output.xml) contains more than one image (element ‘I’) with the same identifier ‘N’.

<I Id="9" N="9" Source="output_images/Derventa.xml">
   <Size Width="2048" Height="1360" />
   <ViewPort Width="6" Height="6" X="-3,5" Y="-8,5" />
<I Id="10" N="10" Source="output_images/Frankfurt.xml">
   <Size Width="2048" Height="1360" />
   <ViewPort Width="6" Height="6" X="-3,5" Y="-9,5" />
<I Id="11" N="9" Source="output_images/Prag.xml">
   <Size Width="2832" Height="2128" />
   <ViewPort Width="6" Height="6" X="-3,5" Y="-10,5" />

Unexpected images shown at specific zoom level

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