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Few days ago I had more than 100 attendees in the WCF/WF talk in .NET user group Frankfurt at Microsoft office in Bad Homburg - Germany. Because of obviously high interest of developers for Connected Systems Division technologies we decided to setup a simple survey. The survey has a goal to show the usage of most popular CSD technologies and other related topics like Visual Studio and .NET.

Following diagram shows how intensive some technologies are used in comparison to Visual Studio 2008, which is used by all 100% attendees.


The table below shows the same result in a table form:

0,97297297 I already use WCF 3.0/3.5  
0,7027027 I’m planning to use WCF 4.0  
0,10810811 I already use WF 3.0/3.5  
0,43243243 I’m planning to use WF 4.0  
0,24324324 I already use.NET 4.0  
1 I use .NET 3.0 and Visual Studio 2008  
0,37837838 I use .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 RC  
0,10810811 I’m already playing with AppFabric BETA 1  
0,10810811 I already use AppFabric Beta 2  
0,02702703 I use Declarative Workflow Services 4.0 with AppFabric  
0,05405405 I use Declarative Workflow Services 4.0 without AppFabric  
0 I use caching features (Velocity) with AppFabric  
0,02702703 I use caching features (Velocity) without AppFabric  
0 I already use Windows Azure  
0,13513514 I use BizTalk Server  
0 I use Internet Service Bus  
0,08108108 I use WCF REST starter kit  
0,27027027 I use SOAP messaging based on WCF  

Another interesting question was related to usage of SOAP messaging versus REST.


Hope these numbers helps you a bit to understand what other developers and architects use and plan to use.
Thanks for all attendees who have participated on this survey.



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