Windows Phone Developer Tools Installer hanging

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If you figured out that your installer is hanging on in step (3 of 14), you need to do following.


As shown at the picture above the setup is hanging while creating the image of Windows Phone Emulator. At the moment of snapshot at the picture image has already been created, but the emulator does not stop for some reason.
To workaround this just KILL the XDE.exe.

The setup will proceed.


Posted Oct 23 2010, 01:49 PM by Damir Dobric


Ettore Cefalà wrote re: Windows Phone Developer Tools Installer hanging
on 11-03-2010 21:13

Thank you very much!

I had spent at least seven hours trying to install the package before finding your suggestion. I'm having trouble with Expression Blend SDK for Wiindows Phone 7 yet, but the most is already installed.

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