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This post is related to all Microsoft decision makers who think about future of Windows Development platform.
If you want to make “Developers, Developers, Developers” happy, this could be the way:


The picture symbolically shows what could be possibly  the best way for community to target JavaScript and HTML platform by using existing .NET development skills and tools. Of course, not everything will be possible or easy to implement, but we should try. The approach shown at picture above could help us build the development  platform which merges best lessons learned from all technologies.
For example, if I have some peace of code in C# build as library, I could compile it to javascript.js file which could act as library. Additionally, why not to use the same approach in a case of Silverlight applications? By downloading SL-application we could decide what to stream back to browser: XAP or JavaSccript application. 
In fact , JavaScript would be used in this approach as assembly language. 

With this approach both .NET will be happy, because they don’t have to leverage addition tools and skills and they can remain in the probably best development platform in software industry.
Moreover, today number of technologies which one developer has to learn is increasing dramatically. Unfortunately  the life-cycle of technologies is getting shorter. This could dramatically degrade the quality of software, after we all have invested lot of work in last decade(s) to make software better.

Last, but not least:

Hello, hello, hello
Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear us,
developers, developers, developers.
. . .
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