Flatten XML support in .NET 4.5 and WCF 4.5

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Few days ago I have described the need for flatten WSDL and published the tool which enables WCF developers to achieve this. Please note that Microsoft will include the similar feature in WCF 4.5 as a part of .NET 4.5 Framework.
To enable flatten WSDL you do not have to do anything. Just build the service and open the Service URI. it is there. The feature is called “Single Service Description File”.

Here is an example:


Notice ?wsdl in contrast to ?singleWsdl.

The tool FlattenXml which I have posted here can be used to support this for all already existing WCF services.

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Damir Dobric Posts wrote Flatten WSDL
on 02-17-2012 22:23

Few moths ago I have presented the tool for my session WCF Internals session at Advance Developer Conference

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