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Announcing the session about Solution Architectures for Cloud, None-Cloud and hybrid applications. n this session you will learn about new possibilities around number of Windows Azure Services which provide new possibilities for applications running On-Premise, in the cloud or both. This demo-powered session will focus on powerful solution architecture patterns around Caching, Remoting, Tunneling, Relaying, brokering with Message Queue, Topics and more. The focus of session is not only development of Cloud applications. Even more, we will also focus on development of applications which do not run necessarily in the cloud, but make usage of Windows Azure services and related patterns.

The session content targets every Windows and also none- Windows developers and architects who want to get ready for cloud.
Key messages:

- Learn how to design On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid applications
- See how new communication styles can be applied to set right solution architecture for cloud, none-cloud and hybrid applications
-  Prepare to build On Premise applications today, which can run in Cloud tomorrow

When: 05.04.2012 09.00 – 10.00h
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