IIS Hosting: Visual Studio Project fails to open

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It is interesting how often and easy error described in this post can happen, but how many developers are shocked when they see it.

When you start the project this happen:

The Web Application Project XY is configured to use IIS.
Could not find the server 'https://host/somepath’ on the local machine.
Make sure the local IIS server has been configured to support secure communications.

This error happen if some other developer in team has changed project to be hosted in IIS. If you do not have IIS or if you have started the project as a no-administrator the project will fail to load. If you do not work in a team this will probably never happen to you. Moreover, by introducing IIS Express as webhost (in VS11 this will be even more often the case) this error will get an additional interpretation for IIS Express.

To fix it do following:

1. Right mouse click on project and select unload. Then select ‘edit’.
2. Look for XML tag <UseIIS>
3. Set it to false <UseIIS>False</UseIIS>
4. Right mouse click on project and select reload.

In a case of IIS Express there is as new tag  which can/should also be set on false: <UseIISExpress>false</UseIISExpress>.

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Michael Bunney wrote re: IIS Hosting: Visual Studio Project fails to open
on 10-10-2012 23:18

That is a workaround, but the fix is to go into IIS and add an HTTPS binding to the site that the project is trying to bind to.  By default this will be the Default Web Site, but by looking at Visual Studio's output pane you can see what IIS path the project is configured to use.

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