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As already announced I will start at Mai 07th.2012 with regular semester lecture at University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main. The session will be focused on cloud computing based on Windows Azure. Fortunately the content will focus common industry technology which I usually present on conferences for developers. Of course it will be slightly adopted for students and their needs.






To find the the building of University of applied sciences click on the picture below?


Following list contains topics which I will cover in 16 hours (8 sessions). Please not that content might be slightly changed. Unfortunately at the moment it is not possible to exactly define the content of each session. However the order of topics will be probably covered in the given order. That means we will start with not very complex topics and end with more sophisticated architecture patterns.

The need for Cloud Computing
How to start?
Cloud Computing Patterns
Cloud Services
Cloud Services
Windows Azure Platform
Windows Azure Storage
Windows Azure CDN
SQL Azure Database
Reporting & Data Sync
Windows Azure AppFabric
AppFabric Caching
Windows Azure Marketplace
Virtual Machine Role
Windows Azure Connect
Windows Azure Connect
Management Portal Demo
AppFabric Composition Model
Windows Azure Platform
Moving Apps to the Cloud
Windows Azure Web & Worker Roles
Admin Mode & Startup Tasks
Virtual Machine Role
Windows Azure Connect
Windows Azure Connect
Working with SQL Azure Databases
SQL Azure Data Sync
Monthly Service Level Agreement
Windows Azure Storage
Windows Azure
Windows Azure in a Slide
Roles and Instances
Windows Azure Service Architecture
Role Programming Model
Role Lifecycle
Worker Role Patterns
Web Role
Understanding Packaging and Config
Service Definition
Service Configuration
VM Size in Windows Azure 
Networking in Windows Azure
Local Storage
Configuration Values
Handling Config Changes
Upgrading Your Application
Storage Account
Storage in the Development Fabric
The Storage Client API
Storage Security
Storage Abstractions
Blob Storage Concepts
Blob Details
Blob Containers
Enumerating Blobs
Two Types of Blobs Under the Hood
Uploading a Block Blob
Page Blob – Random Read/Write
Shared Access Signatures
Ad Hoc Signatures
Policy Based Signatures
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Windows Azure Drives
Windows Azure Drive Capabilities
Drive Details
How Windows Azure Drives Works
Cloud Drive Client Library Sample
Failover with Drives
Table Storage ConceptsTable Details
Entity Properties
No Fixed Schema
Purpose of the PartitionKey
Partitions and Partition Ranges
Queue Storage ConceptsLoosely Coupled Workflow with Queues
Queue Details
Queue’s Reliable Delivery
Build your database
Deploy your database
Synchronize your data
Scale out your data
Windows Azure AppFabric / Middleware
Platform Components
Caching Service
Latency Pyramid
Problem Scenario
Caching Scenario
Cloud missing features
Cache Demo
Windows Azure AppFabric
Service Bus
WCF Relay Protocol Support
Architecture Patterns
Operation styles
Managing Queues
Managing Topics                         
Sending to topic                     
Receiving from Topic


Note the lecture and all content is in English, because it focuses European Master students who study in Frankfurt.

How one lesion will look like?

I will cover sessions the same way as I do at conferences. Each lesion will be consisted of Power Point (15-max. 30 slides in 1,5h) part and many practical demos. All demos will be presented in C#. For this reason it would be nice to have a knowledge of this language and .NET. Fortunately demos will not be focused on sophisticated language features and they will not have a lot of code. This way every student should be able to understand the most important code parts. We will more focus on patterns and less on language features.
If you do not know any programming language, this curse might not be optimal one.

Who can attend?

If you are regular student in Frankfurt you can by definition visit the lecture. It is your one and you already know that. If you are anybody else you will have to register for the lecture. All other students are also welcome.

How can I register ?

If you are not a student you can register by purchasing the lecture. To do that you will have to pay 21 EUR fee to GFTW and additionally 119 EUR  to daenet. You can enter the class-room by showing the both  receipts (überweisungsschein/letter of referral) as approval for payment. Note, members of User Group Frankfurt have an discount. Their fee is 79 EUR.

21 EUR
Gesellschaft für technische Weiterbildung
Kontonummer 369 519
Frankfurter Sparkasse BLZ 500 502 01
Verwendungszweck : “Weiterbildung Cloud Computing – DD/AP”

119 EUR (79EUR for Members of UG_Frankfurt)
daenet GmbH
Frankfurter Sparkasse
Kto. 490741, BLZ 500 502 01
Verwendungszweck : “Weiterbildung Cloud Computing – DD/AP”

Click here to register
See full size image

Can I get some certificate at the end?

Yes, all attendees will get confirmation participation issued  by GFTW and Microsoft (two certificates). Currently I do not know how many lessons at lest you will have to visit. If you ask me then, I would suggest you to attend all lessons.

Last but not least

I’m glad to see you there:


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