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Just giving URL summary of all TechEd 2011 presentations related to sessions given by my Business Platform Division colleagues. It will be be interesting to compare them with session which will be presented in few weeks at TechEd 2012.

· A Lap around Windows Azure AppFabric

· Introduction to Windows Azure AppFabric Composite Applications

· Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus: New Capabilities

· Workflow in Windows Azure AppFabric

· Building Highly Scalable and Available WCF Services with Windows Azure AppFabric

· Windows Communication Foundation Futures

Posted May 02 2012, 05:51 PM by Damir Dobric


Sanjay wrote re: TechEd 2011 Presentations
on 12-06-2013 1:41

I had one additional issue that might be worth meniiontng in the same context. On a x64 dev machine I had installed only the x86 Adapter Pack (sqlBinding).When running the tool as above I got an exception:Installation Error: System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: Configuration binding extension 'system.serviceModel/bindings/sqlBinding' could not be found. Verify that this binding extension is properly registered in system.serviceModel/extensions/bindingExtensions and that it is spelled correctly.The resolution is to make sure the x64 Adapter Pack is installed as well. is a .Net Community Blog powered by daenet GmbH.