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If you want do develop solutions for Windows Azure, the RC version of Visual Studio 2012 is the right tool. Unfortunately the previous BETA of VS 2012,was a bit hard to use for cloud. If you remember, it was just to complicate to install all required tools, step by step. Fortunately, the RC version install all what you need.
To do that create new project of type Cloud. If this is the first time you do that after installation, just double-click in “Get Windows Azure SDK..”. After that the Web Platform installer will launch and all required prerequisites, tools and SDKs will be automatically installed (even if UAC is on).


Following picture shows all installed components. Note that bits installed here are downloaded and installed by web platform installer and are versioned as Windows Azure SDK June version 2012. On the official Windows Azure site is still still previous version  downloadable as official one.


Posted Jun 10 2012, 03:07 PM by Damir Dobric


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