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As I promised at the beginning we will learn only staff things which are innovative, modern and actually used in the industry. This is good for your education, but the learning process is a bit more difficult than usual. The reason for that is simple: “There are just no books to read”. Exactly this is mostly the issue the students will have when they start to work.

To prepare for exam, go through all presentations we had (just follow my blog posts). All questions will be related to them. Unfortunately you cannot learn some topic from one slide only. To get more information go to internet and look for it. This is exactly the way how engineers learn today.

To help you a bit on this step, go to for example here: and start reading. After that click on develop to jump to development center and then on .NET.

You can also step by node.js, JAVA or anything else. Questions will be generally related to distributed systems and cloud computing independent on technology like .NET or any other. The content to read is here:

If you have some question not below : “Need Answer”. You will need it at least in the future.

Good luck. Smile

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