Announcing my unplugged Session at Regional MVP CEE & Italy Summit (KulenDayz)

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At 01.09 12.30h I will give a session  “Building Distributed Web Systems". Level 400.


Because the session is currently still tracked under “The Damir Dobric Session”, my intension is to share a bit more information about the content.
My intension is talk with you about hidden “power platform pieces” which already out there, no more under NDA, but still not well documented. We usually talk about terms like “mega-trends”. Today there are few of them like Massive Cloud Computing, Social Networking and Big Data. These names and trends are chosen so anybody can understand them. However such high-level tings are always based on technologies known by very small group of people called “Geeks”.

I have chosen for this session geek-technologies, which are all consisted part of Microsoft platform stack and which I will call at the day of session (at least)  “power platform pieces”.

The session will focus “Building Distributed Web Systems” with addressing of important upcoming real-life scenarios. It will be shared in two subtopics:

a) Long Async Request Processing and Push-Streams in Backend
     ASP.NET 4.5 Async Handlers
     Push of data streams from Server to Client
     SignalR + WebSockets

b) Composing Hybrid Applications 
    Windows Azure ServiceBus Server and Windows Azure Workflow
I would be glad to see many of you there.

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