Download Service Bus 1.0 and Workflow Manager 1.0 RTM

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RTM Build of Service Bus and Workflow Manager 1.0 is available for download in Microsoft Download Center: It is up to now still not officially announced in term of marketing drums, but first posts published 1 hour ago by team members are out there. Anyhow the bits which can be downloaded (click on image below) correspond to official RTM. If you are currently using Release Candidate or Beta version I would highly recommend to install new bits, because it fix some major bugs.

image    image

Service Bus Documentation:
Service Bus Explorer:
Service Bus Client (NuGet):
Release Notes:
All Service Bus Examples:
Converting Service Bus application Service Bus 1.0 (OnPrem Service Bus:

Workflow Manager documentation:

Workflow Manager Samples:

Quick Start:

Service Bus and Workflow Manager RTM download and useful resource.

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