Consuming WinRT: Every architect should be aware of this!

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After lot of discussions with many experts, I was surprised that (almost) no one has noticed that WinRT is not only the runtime for Windows Store Applications. More over WinRT is a layer in Windows which can be used from Sys32 applications. Few months ago, we already started at daenet’s labs to experiment with such scenarios. Basically, we are thinking about Desktop or any other Sys32 application which can be enriched by Windows 8 and WinRT. If you are Enterprise Developer (read: professional developer) don’t be blamed with marketing bombing related to Win8 apps, apps, apps. This is nice story but…

Windows 8 has advantages for classical Windows Developers (read developers, developers, developers) too! Think about consuming camera at windows without WinRT. You will have lot of fan.

If you are hardware vendor, we Software Developers will expect from you to provide as WinRT API to talk with your devices.Don’t waste new architecture with COM and Sys32 anymore. If you have to do it, please hide it from as.

Here are our first toughs about this:

And here is more or less first Microsoft prominent explanation of the same scenario:

Scott, thanks for that Smile

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Galina wrote re: Consuming WinRT: Every architect should be aware of this!
on 12-05-2013 21:27

Hi Erik,Here is a late comment rrndeaigg the future of SQL Server Compact.My feeling is that the situation becomes more an more confusing :* SQL CE 4.0 does not support merge replication nor the synchronization framework* Visual Studio 2012 does not support SQL CE 3.5=> replication with SQL CE requires Visual Studio 2008* The SQL CE engine on Windows Phone is now referred as "Local Database", and Microsoft does not guaranty file format compatibility with PC versions.* The SQL CE engine on Windows Phone does not include a replication client=> no simple solution for replication data on Windows Phone.Add to this the fact that SQLite is the database engine for Windows 8 (and also theorically usable on Windows Phone 8).So much versions with heterogeneous limitations. We can legitimately wonder about the future of embedded database engines...Thanks     Michael is a .Net Community Blog powered by daenet GmbH.