How do SharePoint 2013 Workflows look like under the hub?

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To get a feeling how SharePoint Workflows look like under the hub take a look on following example:
This is the original XML which fully (natively) describe the workflow deployed by SharePoint.

Following picture shows a snapshot of the XML which can be downloaded above:



Note that the dump shown above describe the WorkflowDescription without activities. However notice that description contains the reference to activity ActivityPath.
Similarly you can dump activities as follows:


This call will return list of activities by their name. For example: WorkflowXaml_78ba2e34_c23f_4ea9_94fb_86d3efcd3c80
That name can be used to obtain the original XAML

And finally, here is the result which dups out the XAML of the workflow:



Examples shown above has been taken out of Workflow Manager which is running on Premise. However same or similar workflow descriptions are used when running in Office 365 and Windows Azure.
I will describe the meaning of all of required artifacts in my future blog posts.

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