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I'm very happy that 01. Mai is on the front. This is my favorite Barbie Queue day.
But till than one more public conference only. WinDays is probably after Tech Ed the biggest developer conference in Europe.


Traditionally I will give few talks there. As always I will talk about things which publicly never been covered from perspective I usually do.
I’m ready for new year of more or less new fiscal strategies. This time my focus will be story about Devices and Service in context of cloud.
A good short introduction in upcoming content will be presented in my keynote.
Of course as MVP and VTSP I will focus Windows Azure Cloud and my personal expertise area around Distributed Systems, heavy architectures, Service Bus, Workflow Manager etc.

Here is short summary:

Devices and Service Intro

22.04.: Keynote
To be covered very common and useful scenarios for devices in the cloud. What can you do with Service Bus and why is Service Bus one of core PaaS components of Windows Azure.

How to build Services for Devices
24.04: Distributed Applications for Windows, Cloud & SharePoint (400)
srijeda15:05 - 15:50Coral 5

Runtime for Devices

24.04: Runtime 8 Fight-Club
srijeda18:20 - 19:05Coral 5

Posted Apr 21 2013, 04:06 PM by Damir Dobric
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