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When working with App Fabric you might be confused with security model. In this post I will try to describe all security at once.

Application Server Observers
This administrative role gives you full visibility into application persistence and monitoring data. Application Server Observers can:

  • Enumerate applications and services
  • View application and service configuration
  • View monitoring data
  • Examine persisted instances

Application Server Administrators
This administrative role gives you full control over application configuration, monitoring, and persistence. Application Server Administrators can execute all tasks that the Application Server Observers group can do, as well as the following tasks:

  • Suspend, resume, terminate, cancel, and delete persisted instances
  • Create and remove event sources and event collectors
  • View, purge, and archive monitoring data

Application Server Users (IIS_IUSRS)
The runtime role is used by IIS at run time to assign the identities of all its application pools hosting applications. This gives the services contained in the applications shared access to persistence databases and system services.
This role is used in instance store database only!




Following “diagram” shows securables of AppFabric Roles in monitoring database.




Following “diagram” shows securables of AppFabric Roles in instance store (persistence) database.



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