Announcing “Windows Azure Notification Hubs” session on Mobility Day 2013

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image Cross-Platform Push Notifications

Windows Azure Notification Hubs is a new cloud service which enables you push notifications to iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone with few lines of code. Notification Hubs is the service build on top of Windows Azure Service Bus, which dramatically simplifies notification programming model across different platforms.
In this session we will learn how to send cross-platform toast and tile notifications to devices. You will see how to update tiles and badges an more.
We will also talk about issues and limitations of standard notifications services and deep dive in messaging, scaling and routing issues features of  of the hub platform.

Architecture of pain!

To get a feeling about the need for change imagine you have app which is natively running on all major platforms.
Due the architecture of platform specific notification services you have to implement service for every platform as shown on the picture below:


Windows Azure Notification Hubs provides huge simplification

Imagine you have a service and API which enable you to write single notification service able to support all platforms.
Following picture shows how the same requirement (shown on picture above) can be easily solved by using of Notification Hub technology.
As you see, now you need a single service only to push notification to all common platforms.

Under the hub


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