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Due the popularity of actor programming model “ORLEANS” developed by Microsoft Research, I decided to add this programming model to the Software Engineering course in this year.
Typically we teach Client-Server model and sometimes Peer-to-Peer. However mega trends like Cloud Computing and specially upcoming Internet of Things trend demand us sometimes to go and think different ways. The actor Programming model was introduces 1973, but it never became popular. We have been building software specifically for enterprises.
This was probably success story, because we  don’t have another story to compare.
These days software will more and more “break on through to the other side” out of boundary of enterprises. This fact bring us in the world of cloud computing (independent if you like it or not) and in the world of massively connected things calls Internet of Things or simply IoT.

One possible approach, might be Actor build on top of platform called “ORLEANS”. If you are interested please feel free to visit this theoretical and practical session.

In this two part – session (episode I and II), we will talk about current programming model and introduce the actor programming model. We will do lot of practice. Because of this bring your own device if you want to try it by yourself. If you have an Azure Subscription even better. If not please activate your own account. You will need Visual Studio 2013 and network connection.
If you don’t have internet connection please install previously ORLEANS SDK.


ORLEANS Episode I  - 30.06.2014 16.00 – 19.00h
ORLEANS Episode II - 07.07.2014 16.00 – 19.00h


University of Applied Sciences:
Nibelungenplatz 1, 60318 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Room 8-803


Posted Jun 30 2014, 07:39 AM by Damir Dobric
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