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This post contains all important information to start SbJsSdk.

What is Azure Service Bus Java Script SDK?

JavaScript SDK is a JavaScript library which simplify Azure Service Bus messaging on to of REST protocol. For more information
please take a look on this article, which gives a short overview:

Where can I find more documentation?

SbJsSdk is an open source project initially owned by MVP Damir Dobric and realized by http://daenet.de team. The project was coordinated with SB Team. 
It is hosted on GitHub. The Git-Wiki documentation can be found here.

Is there a NuGet package?

Yes, there is a nuget package called SbJsSdk. You can find it here.

Where can I find a sample?

To enable You quick start with SDK we published a full sample as a NuGet package.
Take a look on this post to see how to use the sample.

Do I need Microsoft Azure Subscription?

To use  Service Bus, You will need a full or trial Microsoft Azure Subscription. However to see the SDK in action You do not need subscription.
The sample uses a test queue and topic with short-living (small TTL) messages. We expect from You to be a fair community member and do not misuse this
sample for other purposes.

Click on image below to go to Azure Portal to open a trial subscription:

Posted Aug 12 2014, 07:16 AM by Damir Dobric
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