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No question IoT (Internet of Things) seems to be very interesting, usable and powerful topic. When talking about IoT we typically think about small devices and cool solutions around them in human accessible environment. 
Interestingly, there is an initiative in Germany called “Industrie 4.0”, which massively expand the definition of usage of “things". According to this initiative information collected from small devices should have an impact to almost every sphere of humans life (meaning positive). That means sensors big data needs to be collected and processed in human usable information in social and collaboration context. 
This definition bring us to a large number of new high-level scenarios, which can be implemented by Share Point developers.

I will give an IoT session at SharePoint Days 2014 in Berlin.

In this session I will talk about IoT and Industrie .40 in context of Share Point.
The shown below, defines the problem domain in which I will focus my talk. We typically have a device, which implements lover-level functionality. The data produced by device needs to be sent to SharePoint and Some Commands (or data) needs to be sent from SharePoint to device.

After conference I will post a step-by-step article which shows how to build the GasSensor module and SharePoint App, which bidirectional communicate. Article will be posted at


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