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We published new version of Azure Service Bus Java Script SDK v1.2. This version provides supports for sending of events to Azure Service Bus Event Hubs.


Supported features:

  • Sending of messages to the queue
  • Reading of messages from queue
  • Sending of messages to Topic
  • Sending of events to EventHub (NEW)
  • Reading of messages from subscription
  • Abondon
  • PeekLock-Read/PeekDelete-Read
  • Complete
  • Creating Shared Access Token Signatures
  • Custom BrokeredMessage properties
  • CORS

Following sample shows how to send an event to Service Bus Event Hub.

   <script type="text/javascript">
function () {

var clear = function () {


var ehubClient = new EventHubClient(
: ‘eintrachtfrankfurt’,

               // This is by spec a partition key if specified.
'devicename': 'jssimulator',

'namespace': "mynamespace",
'sasKey': "Hakan:)**/bU="
'sasKeyName': "send_events"
: 10,


"#btnSend").click(function () {

var eventBody = { "24": txtTemp.value,
: “Frankfurt am Main”};

var msg = new EventData(eventBody);

        ehubClient.sendMessage(msg, function (messagingResult) {


Open Source Project on GitHub.

Nuget Packages sbjssdk 1.2.0 and sbjssdk 1.2.0 samples.

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3. EventHubDashDemo provides code to visualize how Azure Event Hubs enables very large scale data ingestion from a large number of sources and very high throughput event consumption through the use of partitioned consumers.

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Posted Jan 26 2015, 10:29 PM by Damir Dobric
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