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Internet of Things: Getting Started with Event Hubs (article)

Microsoft Azure Event Hubs are a managed platform component of Azure IoT services that provides a telemetry data ingestion at cloud scale with low latency and high reliability.

Cloud Data Science Process (Video 1h):

The Cloud Data Science Process (CDSP) demonstrates the end-to-end data science process in the cloud, using the full spectrum of Azure technologies, programming languages such as Python and R, and other tools.

Learn How to Work with Large Datasets (Upcoming Webinar:

Many predictive analytics problems involve working with large data sets that aren’t manageable on your local client machine or even on a single server. Microsoft Azure provides a collection of services that allow you to store, transform, and analyze big data. In this webinar, we will discuss a case study using NY city taxi data and cover. Learn How to Work with Large Datasets to Build Predictive Models

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