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The Durable Task Framework is an open source project originally started by Microsoft. It enables you to write orchestrations in pure C# using the .Net framework. By using of this framework, you can implement many kinds of integration projects without of need to use any Enterprise Service Bus product.

Here are the key features of the durable task framework:

  • Definition of code orchestrations in simple C# code
  • Automatic persistence and check-pointing of program state
  • Versioning of orchestrations and activities
  • Async timers, orchestration composition, user aided checkpointing

The framework itself is very light weight and only requires an Azure Service Bus namespace and optionally an Azure Storage account. Running instances of the orchestration and worker nodes are completely hosted by the user. The framework uses a scheduler on top of Azure Service Bus (hosted in Cloud or OnPrem) and it is completely transparent to developer. Developers is not ever required to have any Service Bus know-how.

Following articles describes a problem domain and shows how DTF can help to implement integration solutions.

Episode I – The problem of robust execution

Episode II – Clustered Singletons, Failover and Competing Consumer

Episode III – Coded Orchestrations

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