Can't set up mobile hotspot on Surface?

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Do you know the feeling, you are far away trying to work by using your mobile toys. I take usually my smart phone, setup a mobile hotspot, connect to it from my tablet and do whatever. Unfortunately since few days I cannot do that anymore. You guess, I’m Windows Phone and Surface user. If you are reading this coincidently you are Surface and Windows Phone user user too.

If you want to setup WiFi via your mobile hotspot running on Windows Phone you might get following error:

"checking network requirements" "can't set up mobile hotspot"


After you have tried everything (remove network, rename network, change pwd, update drivers etc. you will most likely call support. And guess, they will tell you “It is a known problem. We are sorry there is no solution Sad smile”. So I had two choices:

a) To buy a new phone (Android or iPhone)
b) To try to solve a problem.

Ok, I’m an MVP, so have to at least try.

I opened Event Log and found something related to Bluetooth.


Not really my problem. But after trying over and over again I figured out that BTHUSUB error happen when I try to connect to hotspot. Hmmm?Here is the error message: “The mutual authentication between the local Bluetooth adapter and a device with Bluetooth adapter address (84:63:d6:59:f7:87) failed.”
Don’t try to read it, it will confuse you.

So, I switched off Bluetooth on my phone and started hotspot again. And guess? It worked Smile Smile

Hope Microsoft support guys can say thanks for solution.

PS: Don’t forget to switch on Bluetooth when you drive car Smile again.

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