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Build modern IoT solutions with Microsoft IoT Platform

By Damir Dobric
Software Lead Architect daenet GmbH
Microsoft Regional Director, Most Valuable Professional

In times of digital transformation Cloud is becoming a consisted part of every IoT solution. However integrating many incompatible small devices with each other is a task of building highly complex distributed systems. In this session you will learn how to build modern IoT solution on example of Amazon Alexa, Azure Iot Hub and Windows IoT Core. Based on many demos, you will learn how IoTHub works and how devices like Amazon Echo Dot can be integrated in the Azure and Windows IoT platform.

Publish your own APIs using the Azure API Management

By Andreas Lehmann
Cloud Solution Architect - daenet GmbH

In times of rising digitization, APIs are becoming increasingly important. Many modern systems already consist of a collection of different APIs. To participate in this API economy, it is necessary to publish your own interfaces and make them accessible to others. One possible way is to use the Azure API Management which ships many required functionalities out of the box. Of course, there are, as always in the IT, some things to know before starting off. In this session, I would like to give you an insight into how Azure API Management can help you publish and manage your APIs, but also identify the gaps that you shall be aware of.

Lessons learned - Mastering Microsoft Azure Platform (30 Min)

By René Grohmann
Platform Architect | Digital Design and Development
T-Systems International / Digital Division


Azure and Azure AD as a central authentication hub (45 Min)

By Nicki Borell & Samuel Zuercher
Managing Consultants and Evangelists -  “Xperts@Work
MVPs - Office Server & Services

Azure Active Directory is a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution that provides a set of capabilities to manage users and groups. It helps secure access to on-premises and cloud applications, including Microsoft online services and many non-Microsoft SaaS applications. Using the same credential (username and password) to access your corporate resources and cloud based services you can use Password Sync, ADFS or the new Pass-through Authentication. In this session, we will show you a real-world scenario with a multi forest sync of independent on-prem Active Directories to one Azure AD. This solution is based on a high availability architecture with Azure Disaster Recovery Sites (Azure VM) architecture.

Key Words / Tags: Azure AD, ADFS, SSO, AAD Connect, Azure Desaster Recovery Site, Azure VM, VPN, Multi Forest, high availability architecture

Azure Express Route

Microsoft Azure Deutschland / Express Route Provider

Azure Global Bootcamp Lab

Mentored by Indraneel Pole

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