ASP.NET Core Issue: HTTP Error 502.5

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If you are deploying ASP.NET core 2.0 application to Azure App Service you might get following error:

HTTP Error 502.5 - Process Failure
Common causes of this issue:
  • The application process failed to start
  • The application process started but then stopped
  • The application process started but failed to listen on the configured port

As usual, first of all you have to do is don’t read the error message. The problem is that your AppService container already contains a version of .NET Core v1.* (or something else), which has deployed assemblies, which disturbs new deployment.

Right now, this issue is related to migration from .NET Core 1 to .NET Core 2. But similar problem might happen in the future, due to some other reason.

The solution for this problem is to delete the exisiting deployment manually. You might do this by connecting via FTP or by using of Kudu.

If you want to connect to Kudu type following URL:

After successfull connect, you will see following:


Then you can enter “dir” command to see the content of the root.


As next, navigate to following folder


No you can delete all files with following command:

del *.*

After that you can deploy solution again.

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