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Microsoft .NET Conf is partnering with Azure Meetup Frankfurt and will organize around the globe many local in-person events between September 19 through the end of October!

For more information please refer here.

You can join us to learn more about .NET and the new .NET Core 2.0 release.

We will start at Oct.12 at 4pm and end as usual around 8pm.

Content will be delivered by:

- Andreas Erben (Mixed Reality Architect, MVP)

- Andreas Lehmann (Cloud Solution Architect - daenet GmbH)

- Mofaggol Hoshen (University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main)

- Sebastian Valero-Graefe (DevOp - daenet GmbH)

- Jon Galloway (.NET Foundation executive director )

- Damir Dobric (MVP, RD https://about.me/damirdobric )

Jon Galloway .NET Foundation executive director will join us via Skype and talk about .NET Momentum.

Hope to see you there. We will have some food and drinks and lot of goodies sent from Redmond (T-Shirts, stickers, etc.. :)


1.  .NET Core as Cloud Dev Framework: Why and What?

2. .NET Standard and runtimes

3. Creating .NET Core Framework Dependent Applications

4. Creating .NET Core Self Contained Applications

5. Deploying and running .NET Core on different operative systems

6. Creating UI with .NET Core

7. .NET Core and Containers

8. Testing .NET Core Applications

9. HoloLens, Unity3D, and .NET – a Mixed Reality with sprinkles of .NET Core

10. Machine Learning with .NET Core

Come together / Dinner

Please note that you have to provide your valid ID at registration desk at e-Shelter. Usually if all attendees arrive  just few minutes before event, registration might take 15-30 minutes. Please be on time at e-shelter facility.

Posted Oct 07 2017, 11:30 AM by Damir Dobric
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