Industry 4.0 in Practice–Data Visualization meetup summary


So last week, I got an opportunity to talk about Industry 4.0 and the role of data analytics in it at Data visualization Rhein Main meetup. (Very cool meetup, people living around Frankfurt – go visit if you are into data). And I thought I should update the summary of my talk here.

The talk started with what industry 4.0 is, and why data scientists should pay attention to it. A lot has been talked about the connecting and sensors side of Industry 4.0 but the data part of it is still to an large extent ignored. And this is what should be probed more.


Heavy industries for a long time have been cut away from the cutting edge data analytics tools and Industry 4.0 is their chance to make use of data analytics and data visualization for increasing efficiency as well as making sure they stay ahead on the industrial revolution.

I talked about how Microsoft Azure is playing a vital role in achieving this step. Services like Microsoft Service Bus, Event Hubs, IoT Hub, and Azure stream analytics can streamline large chunk of data in appropriate data channels, and tools like Power BI can be used to achieve the Data visualization with great efficiency and ease.


I told a story of fictitious person Max Mustermann who owns an SME that deals with Inventory management and Logistics. Further I showed the live presentation of how by using a simple Raspberry Pi, his machines can be connected to cloud and the data from those machines can be used for data analytics to achieve complex decisions like Predictive Analysis and Predictive Mentainance.

The second part of talk was focused on Data Visualization with Augmented and Virtual Reality. I presented a sample of Data visualization in graph and charts format with HoloLens. Devices like HoloLens can achieve greater interaction with data as well as better understanding of visualized data.

You can find the presentation of my talk here. The video will also be up soon. The video is uploaded now on YouTube by TEDx Rhein Main team. Huge thanks to them. You can see the video of the talk here.  Smile

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